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races and nationalities

Mention a person’s race or nationality in a story only if it’s relevant. Consider personal preference or self-identification as a guide.

Capitalize the proper names of nationalities, races, tribes, etc.: Arab, Arabic, American, African, Asian, Cherokee, Italian, Jewish, Hispanic, Otoe Indian, etc.

The term "Indian" refers to people from India. Use Native Americans for those in the United States. Better, still, to be specific and refer to tribes – Cherokee, Omaha, Ponca, etc.

Lowercase colors; use black and white in preference over African American and Caucasian unless there is an individual preference.

Remember that races and nationalities are not interchangeable.

Raikes School

The official name is the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management, created in 2008, and named after alumnus and supporter Jeffrey S. Raikes. Formerly the J.D. Edwards Honors Program in Computer Science and Management (1996-2007). The program, which admits approximately 40 high-achieving students each year, is a recognized leader in interdisciplinary computer science and business management education. It provides an education balanced in technology and management while developing professional skills in leadership, communications and collaboration.

Preference is Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management (full proper name) on first reference. May shorten to Raikes School on second and subsequent references if necessary.


Capitalize when using as part of a title with a name.

He said Regent Nancy O'Brien of Waterloo...

Lowercase when referring to regents on second reference without names.

Research and Extension Centers

Refers to four regional agricultural research and extension centers that are part of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. These are: Northeast Research and Extension Center, Norfolk; Panhandle Research and Extension Center, Scottsbluff; Southeast Research and Extension Center, Lincoln; and West Central Research and Extension Center, North Platte. Do not refer to them as stations or research stations.

residence halls

Each complex has an assistant director of residence life and a residence life services supervisor. Individual residence halls have a residence director. Each floor of each residence hall has a resident assistant, or RA. Residence halls are governed by the Residence Hall Association.

Residence halls listed by managerial and location grouping:

Abel-Sandoz Halls (traditional-style dorms on City Campus)

Burr-Fedde Halls (traditional-style dorms on East Campus)

Cather-Pound-Neihardt Halls (or C-P-N, traditional-style dorms on City Campus)

Harper-Schramm-Smith Halls (or H-S-S, traditional-style dorms on City Campus)

Selleck Quadrangle (or Select, traditional-style dorms on City Campus)

The Village (apartment-style dorms on City Campus)

The Courtyards (apartment-style dorms on City Campus)

Love Memorial Hall (women-only cooperative dorms on East Campus)

Husker Hall (university-sanctioned apartments, off campus at 23rd and U streets)

Kauffman Residential Center (residential/academic center for Raikes School students on City Campus)


Request for Proposal; avoid as jargon.

room numbers

Use figures and capitalize room when used with a figure. 

Canfield Administration Building, Room 321.


This is one abbreviation that’s acceptable to use in all references (as per AP Stylebook) — does not have to be spelled out. When specifying which branch, use “Army ROTC,” “Navy ROTC,” etc., NOT AROTC, NROTC, etc.