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Water Resources Lab

East Campus laboratory/building doing water research through the Water Center.


Lowercase, one word.

Website addresses

Place web addresses within the regular body copy. It is not necessary to place carats <> around a Web address. Delete the “http” from the address when the address starts with www. If the address doesn’t start with “www,” (and not all do) use the http. If a Web address falls at the end of a sentence, use a period.

Visit the Nebraska home page at www.unl.edu .

The home page for the Associated Press is http://wire.ap.org .


Use Internet addresses within the story or body copy as essential information to the reader, or list sites for additional information at the end of the written piece.

To sign up for the Hurricane Katrina Relief effort, log on to www.hurricaneeffort.com

For more information or to sign up, go online at www.hurricaneeffort.com .

Do not underline a Web or e-mail address; if a word processing program forces an underline, remove it.

Avoid Web addresses that are particularly long or complicated. Web addresses can be shortened at http://go.unl.edu.

Ed Weir Stadium

Outdoor running track northeast of Memorial Stadium and west of the Rec Center.

Welpton Courtroom

Officially the Sherman Welpton Courtroom Complex of the College of Law. Shortened version OK on all references.


Acceptable for describing a person’s race (note lowercase). Before indicating a person’s race, be sure that to do so is pertinent and necessary to the story.

World Wide Web

Internet is preferred term.