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Faculty Senate

Name for the governing body of the Nebraska faculty. Prior to summer 2007, it was called Academic Senate.


People may describe their feelings; be sure that you are conveying their actual feelings, not their thoughts or beliefs. Avoid using feel or felt as a verb substitute for believe or said.

NOT: Nancy Hughes said she felt the policy was wrong.

BUT: Nancy Hughes said the policy was wrong.

Fine and Performing Arts, Hixson-Lied College of

This is the only college to have a person’s name in the official name. On second reference, call it the fine and performing arts college (note the lowercase) in more informal uses.


One word, not two, not hyphenated.

Foundation, University of Nebraska

Formal name of the university’s foundation. Use NU Foundation or the foundation on second reference.

fraternities, sororities

The full, formal name should be used on first reference: Delta Tau Delta. Abbreviations are acceptable on second reference (DTD), but avoid nicknames (Delts). A member is a member, not a brother or sister.

Capitalize fraternity or sorority only when used with the full name:

The Kappa Delta Sorority will offer an event ...


The university's sororities will offer an event ...

The Office of Greek Affairs is the governing body of the university’s greek system. The Interfraternity Council oversees the university’s fraternities; the Panhellenic Association oversees the sororities.

For a list of fraternities and sororities, see the Student Directory.


One word in all cases.