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Lowercase in general references.

Uppercase in reference to City Campus and East Campus.

I park my car away from campus.

Campus Recreation/Campus Rec

The department provides recreational services and intramural sports on campus. This title also applies to several buildings used for campus rec, including Cook Pavilion, the Coliseum and the Lee and Helene Sapp Recreation Facility.

Also known as the rec center.

Also has a location on East Campus in the Activities Building.


One word, no hyphen. Same as universitywide, citywide, etc.


In general, avoid unnecessary capitals. Common nouns and informal forms of official names are not capitalized. Capitalize only the official and complete names of colleges, schools, departments, divisions, offices and official campus bodies. Do not capitalize informal and shortened versions of official names. Basic principles include capitalizing for proper nouns, proper names, derivatives, compositions, titles and abbreviations. See a dictionary or AP Stylebook for specific entries.

Center for…

See Centrex for proper names of centers. Some are “Center of ...”, we have “Centers on ...”

Center for Great Plains Studies

Created in 1976, the center studies the people and environment of the Plains. It offers seminars and symposia and occasionally publishes books.

Center on Children, Families and the Law

Currently located at 206 S. 13th Suite 1000


AN EXCEPTION TO AP STYLE: Chair is used instead of chairman or chairwoman in academic references.

Exception would be if "chairman" or "chairwoman" is the official title, as is often the case in "chairman of the board" of certain corporations.

Plural is "chairs."

AVOID "chair" as a verb.

NOT: She chairs the committee.

BUT: She leads the committee.


She is chair of the committee.


IANR departments are led by heads, not chairs.

Champions Club

Building just west of Memorial Stadium that is part of the Nebraska Alumni Association. Also refers to a gameday member organization.


Capitalize when used as a title; lowercase it when it appears after the name or stands alone.

chemical/element names

In general, spell out the names of chemicals and elements rather than using their molecular formulas, even on second reference.

NOT: Elevated levels of H2O2 were found in the cells.

BUT: Elevated levels of hydrogen peroxide were found in the cells.


Sometimes used by Mexican-Americans living in the Southwest. Not interchangeable with Mexican-American. Consider personal preference. Relevance to the story should be considered.

City Campus

Always capitalize both words. However:

The university is composed of its City, East and Nebraska Innovation campuses.

climate change

There is broad international consensus among climate scientists that Earth is warming and precipitation patterns are changing due to human-driven forces, especially the emission of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The term "climate change" can be used to describe both human-driven and naturally occurring changes in climate, though the type of climate change being addressed in a story should be made explicit when possible.

Though “global warming” is sometimes used synonymously with “climate change,” the former is generally considered a subset of the latter. When referring specifically to the heating of the planet, use “global warming.”


The formal names of the colleges within the university are:

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

College of Architecture

College of Arts and Sciences

College of Business Administration

College of Education and Human Sciences

College of Engineering

Hixson-Lied College of Fine and Performing Arts

College of Journalism and Mass Communications

College of Law

A few colleges to note:

UNO’s College of Public Affairs and Community Service offers aviation, criminal justice, gerontology, public administration and social work courses at Nebraska. These are administered at UNO but are physically at the Nebraska campus. UNMC offers nursing courses here through the College of Nursing. It’s still UNMC’s college.

UNMC offers undergraduate and graduate programs in dentistry at Nebraska through the College of Dentistry. This is also a UNMC college despite the location of the classes.

commas in a series

Follow AP style for using commas in a series. Exceptions may be made for more formal publications; in such cases, follow Chicago Manual of Style.

In general, do not put a comma before "and" in a comma series. Add a comma if it helps avoid confusion.

He wore a shirt, tie and jacket.

She's taking French, trigonometry and geography.

For breakfast, he had orange juice, toast, and ham and eggs.

Committee on Institutional Cooperation

The Committee on Institutional Cooperation is a consortium of the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago. Also referred to in abbreviated form as CIC.

composition titles

Apply guidelines listed here to titles of books, computer games, movies, operas, plays, poems, albums, songs, radio and television programs, lectures, speeches and works of art. Also see magazine and newspaper names.

— Capitalize the principal words, including prepositions and conjunctions of four or more letters.

— Capitalize an article (the, a, an) or words of fewer than four letters if it is the first or last word in a title.

— Put quotation marks around the names of all such works except the Bible and books that are primarily catalogs or reference material. This includes almanacs, directories, dictionaries, encyclopedias, gasetteers, handbooks and similar publications. Do not use quotaton marks around software titles like WordPerfect or Windows.

— Translate a foreign title into English unless a work is generally known by its foreign name.

— For classical music titles, use quotation marks around the composition's nicknames bu tnot compositions identified by its sequence. Example: Dvorak's "New World Symphony." Dvorak's Symphony No. 9.

Access more examples here.

Cooperative Extension (see also Extension)

Official name is University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension.

On second reference, extension or Nebraska Extension is acceptable. Not NU extension or Cooperative Extension. A division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, never use Extension Service or Extension Division.


The name of the Nebraska Alumni Association’s official yearbook.


The official mascot for Nebraska's athletic teams. It is often shortened to Huskers, but it should be spelled out in most publications, especially those for an outside audience.

NOT ’Huskers.

Both men’s and women’s sports teams use this mascot; never use Lady Cornhuskers or Women Cornhuskers.

courtesy titles

Rarely used. On second and subsequent references, refer to people by last name only. If more than one person in a story has the same last name, refer to each of them using both their first and last names.

Use Dr. only for medical doctors and only on first reference.