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magazine names

Capitalize the initial letters of the names but do not place it in quotes. Lowercase magazine unless it is part of the publication's formal title: Harper's Magazine, Newsweek magazine, Time magazine. Check masthead if in doubt.

Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center

Part of the Van Brunt Visitors Center on 13th Street between Q and R streets. Never refer to as the MRRMAC. Acceptable to call it the Ross on second reference.

master’s degree

Note apostrophe and lower case.

Memorial Stadium

Named in honor of Nebraska’s veterans, this is the home of the Nebraska Cornhusker football team. The field on which the football team plays is Tom Osborne Field.

Mortar Board/mortarboard

Mortar Board is the national honor society of university seniors. The mortarboard is the cap worn at commencement.

Mueller Planetarium

Area inside Morrill Hall (part of the University of Nebraska State Museum) focusing on astronomy and space science. It also features laser light shows regularly. Full name is Ralph Mueller Planetarium.

Mueller Tower

The Mueller Carillon Tower was built in 1948 and named for alumnus Ralph S. Mueller. Mueller Tower is acceptable on all references. A carillon is a musical instrument composed of at least 23 carillon bells, arranged in chromatic sequence and playable with a keyboard or computer program. The Mueller Tower carillon plays on the hour and the music changes seasonally.


This electronic access portal gives students an overview on their university bill and financial aid, grades and records, class schedule and other information. Students have a username and password and are able to view reports, see their bill, print them out and access their schedules. MyRED has virtually replaced all paper reports and most mailings; students do not receive a printed bill, nor do their parents. Students can give access to their MyRED records to a parent by sharing their password or granting parent authorization.