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U.S./United States

Abbreviate when using the term as an adjective only.

In headlines, it’s “US.”

The U.S. flag flew over the field.

Spell out in other references.

The professor is traveling across the United States.


There are two Nebraska Unions at the University of Nebraska, the Nebraska Union located on City Campus, and the Nebraska East Union located on East Campus. In most information it is preferred to designate the locations of the unions with their common addresses:

Nebraska Union, 14th and R streets, City Campus

Nebraska East Union, East Campus, northeast of 33rd and Holdrege streets.

NOT: Nebraska City Union, City Union or East Union

NOT: City Campus Union, East Campus Union


means “one of a kind.” There are no degrees of uniqueness, as in “the most unique. . .”


Capitalize only when using with the rest of a formal title, such as “University of Nebraska” or “University Health Center.” When speaking of the university in general, or other universities in general, lowercase.

The University of Nebraska is located at

The chancellor said the university would be harmed by recent budget cuts.

Mike said his time as a university student was rewarding.

"The university" is an acceptable term for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on second reference.

University Dining Services

The division of University Housing that manages residence hall dining centers, convenience stores and grab-and-go shops.

University Health Center

Provides health care to students, faculty and staff. Located at 15th and U streets. Referred to as Nebraska Medicine-University Health Center on first reference. Acceptable uses upon subsequent references include "University Health Center," "health center," "center" and "UHC."

University Housing

Central office for all residence halls.

NOT: Housing

University of Nebraska at Kearney

Different from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, UNK does NOT use the hyphen when the name is spelled out in full.

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Different from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, UNO does NOT use the hyphen when the name is spelled out in full.

University of Nebraska Board of Regents

The governing body of the University of Nebraska central system/administration as established by Nebraska state law. The board consists of eight members elected by districts and a student representative from each of the university’s four institutions.

This is the board’s official name, but it is often referred to as “the Board of Regents” when the University of Nebraska context is clear.

University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union

Formal name of the university’s credit union. Known on campus as the credit union, lowercase.

University of Nebraska Foundation

Formal name of the university’s foundation. Use NU Foundation or the foundation on second reference.

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Abbreviated UNMC.

University of Nebraska Press

Book publishers affiliated with the university. Sometimes called “Nebraska Press.”

University of Nebraska State Museum

The state's museum focusing on the natural history and natural science of Nebraska. The museum's flagship is Morrill Hall on the university campus, but the museum also operates the Larsen Tractor Museum on East Campus, Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park near Royal and the Trailside Museum in Crawford.

University of Nebraska Extension

Full, official name of the university’s extension office, which provides outreach of the university all over the state. On second reference “extension” or “Nebraska Extension,” are acceptable. A division of the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Do not use Extension Service or Extension Division.


One word, no hyphen. Same as citywide, campuswide, etc.


Can use abbreviations for these NU system institutions in in-house publications. Spell out on first reference in publications for a wider audience.

University of Nebraska system

University of Nebraska Medical Center


University of Nebraska at Omaha (NOT UNOmaha)

University of Nebraska at Kearney

University of Nebraska Abbreviation

In written communication, the full name, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, should be spelled out when the university is first mentioned or cited. Thereafter, references should cite “the university” or “Nebraska.” “UNL” may be used sparingly (for example, when space is at a premium), but otherwise it is not preferred. Communicators should make efforts to explore other options before using “UNL.”

For all usages, the University of Nebraska system, headquartered in Varner Hall, can be abbreviated to "the NU system," "the university system," "central administration" or "the system" on second reference.

In some university-only publications, it may be acceptable to use only “UNL" and not spell out "University of Nebraska" on first reference.

University Police Department

This full name should be used on first reference; can use UPD on second/subsequent references.