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Parking and Transit Services

A division of University Services, It’s where to buy parking permits and pay tickets, buy bus passes. It’s located in the Stadium Drive Parking Garage.

pass/no pass

Use this form (with the slash) when discussing the grading option.


In accordance with AP Style, use the symbol (%) rather than spelling out "percent" in most cases. Exception: When spelling out a number, as at the beginning of a sentence, use "percent."

The proportion of people favoring the rule rose to 67%.

Eighteen percent of the forest has recovered since the 1972 wildfire.


It’s preferred to say that someone has a doctoral degree or doctorate. Note the periods and capitalization. Academic degrees are generally not noted in most news writing and publications.

phone numbers

In all publications and on the Web, use the full, seven-digit form of a telephone number. Do not use the abbreviated campus phone numbers (2-XXXX) in publications.

Use area codes for all numbers regardless of area code and use hyphens to separate area code, three-digit, then four-digit numbers.


police department

The official name is University Police Department. Officers are commissioned police officers deputized with statewide jurisdiction. Headquarters in 17th and R Parking Garage. Use UPD or "university police" on second reference.


Identify professors by their official title (professor, assistant professor, associate professor) and never abbreviate as “prof.” Remember that the courtesy title “Dr.” is only used before a professor’s name if he/she is a medical doctor.

Descriptive titles are helpful to the reader and should be considered in addition to the descriptor/title "professor." Consider an opportunity elsewhere in your copy or story, removed from the first reference to describe research, teaching or outreach opportunities, or to identify the college or unit, if appropriate.

Chris Calkins, professor of animal science at Nebraska, was an inventor of the flat iron steak. Calkins, a meat scientist in the Institute of Agricultural Sciences and Natural resources, worked with the Nebraska Beef Council on the research.


In general, follow the Associated Press stylebook guides on punctuation. (Specifically, this means eliminating the serial comma and other AP-specific punctuation rules.) Exceptions may be made, especially in more formal documents.