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Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources

The institute was established in 1973 as a way to keep the university system focused on the importance of agriculture and natural resources in Nebraska. It was created as a systemwide institute that is under the administrative structure at Nebraska. Its full name is the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. IANR faculty have appointments in: the Agricultural Research Division (Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station), Nebraska Extension, the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Education and Human Sciences, the Nebraska Forest Service, Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and School of Natural Resources.

IANR or the institute is acceptable on second reference.

International Quilt Study Center

This is the center’s full, official name.

Not International Quilt Studies Center or IQSC.


Do not capitalize. 

Note that newer editions of the AP Stylebook have a section dedicated to internet-related terms. Follow these styles unless they are different from this stylebook.


Never used in news releases.