Coordinated Entry Providers

How to get involved

All agencies who may come into contact with an individual or family experiencing homelessness can help connect, assess and/or refer to the ADLH Coordinated Entry System by the following methods:

  • Direct individuals in need to the Public Access Points
  • Become a Non-Public Door
  • Become a Public Door

Download brochure with public access points

Picture of brochure talking about coordinated entry and public access points.
Coordinated Entry brochure with information on what is coordinated entry, how to get involved, public access points, and planning team.

All Doors Lead Home Case Conferencing

All Doors Lead Home Case Conferencing


Every Thursday

9am - 10:30am CST / 8am - 9:30am Mountain time

Zoom link: Note, we are using Zoom, please contact the Coordinated Entry Manager at for a secure meeting link.


Every Thursday

2:30pm CST

2633 P Street
Lincoln, NE 68503
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