Quality of Life and the Characteristics

Quality of Life and the Characteristics

I have realized after all these years that a city that has a good quality of life attracts jobs. People don't want to invest in places if there is no quality of life. Jaime Lerner 

A high quality of life is a trait that all entrepreneurial communities possess. Although not specifically one of the eight characteristics, the notion of quality of life is intertwined with all of them.

Quality of life refers to the tangible and intangible amenities of the community that shape and benefit the lives of residents. Entrepreneurial communities in the attraction of new community members and the retention of current community members use quality of life to market their community.

Examples of quality of life amenities:

  • Employment opportunities that provide a living wage. 
  • Affordable and appropriate housing
  • Safe and secure places to live and operate a business
  • Adequate and accessible healthcare
  • Quality education
  • Available facilities and opportunities for recreation, culture, etc.
  • Efficient and effective government