4: Discovery Tool

Module 4 Discovery Tool

ECAP Discovery Tool

Measuring how people view their community is an important aspect of ECAP. The results from the ECAP Discovery Tool can enhance the community conversations. Consider utlizing the Discovery Tool if your community has not recently conducted a survey. A sample report can be found using the link below.

Benefits to a community participating in ECAP is shown in the video
Benefits to a community participating in ECAP

To ensure that everyone’s opinion can be expressed, the ECAP Discovery Tool should be distributed widely. Various sources can be used:newspaper and radio advertising, flyers, emails, social media, community website, or inserts in community utility bills. Using an online survey platform is faster and less expensive. Paper copies can be distributed as well. If that is done, the data from the paper copies should be entered into the online system.

Click here for more information on how to conduct a community survey.  A sample report from the ECAP Discovery Tool can be found here.

You may want to consider contacting someone who regularly develops online surveys.  University Extension is one resource that provides this assistance. Find an Extension office in our state and county here

ECAP Discovery Tool    Sample Report