Community Vision Graphic
“This is our history - from the Transcontinental Railroad to the Hoover Dam, to the dredging of our ports and building of our most historic bridges - our American ancestors prioritized growth and investment in our nation's infrastructure.”

– Cory Booker

Entrepreneurial communities have the infrastructure, and access to the capital and credit necessary to build and maintain infrastructure, that makes them an attractive location for businesses to start and grow, and a place where individuals and their families want to live, work and play. Infrastructure provides the basic systems and services that allow a community to function, for the distribution of goods and services, and for businesses to develop and expand their markets. Entrepreneurial communities anticipate and plan for long-range infrastructure needs.

  • Has desirable housing for a range of people and income levels
  • Has updated and modernized educational opportunities
  • Has amenities desired by a range of people and income levels
  • Has health care services that provide adequate levels of care
  • Has the transportation infrastructure necessary for travel and commerce
  • Has the communications infrastructure needed by businesses and community members