Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Molecular Ferroelectrics Laboratory, Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Undergraduate Research Assistant will assist my research group in the preparation and execution of laboratory projects as part of a ongoing research in the exciting new field of organic ferroelectronics. The research concerns the fundamental physics and practical application of molecular and polymer ferroelectric ferroelectric crystals, thin films, and nanostructures, and involves a large interdisciplinary research team from several departments, other universities, industry, and other countries. The requirements for the position are as follows: enrollment in good standing in a science or engineering undergraduate program; energy and enthusiasm. Laboratory experience is a plus, but is not required. The position pays $12.00 per hour and involves about 10 hours per week during the semester, and possibly more during breaks and summer. Please fill out the application form, attach a résumé or curriculum vitae if available, and send your application to me.

Fill out this application and return it to Prof. Ducharme
Please contact Prof. Ducharme for if you have questions about this position.