Group Photos

Batelaan group outing
Batelaan group sitting on the Jorgensen lawn
Batelaan group in front of the Newton's Apple Tree
Batelaan group meeting in Jorgensen Hall
Batelaan group near the Newton's apple tree


Graduate Students

Roger Bach
Maria Becker
Peter Beirle
Wayne Cheng-Wei Huang
Eric Jones
Scot McGregor

Undergraduate Students

Darvy Ceron
Christian Laney
Tina Riley
Derek Ruffner

Previous Group Members (position while in position)

Neil Stein (student...student)
Josh Niemeijer (student...student)
Peter Hansen (student...graduate student University of Minnesota)
Ryan Hotovy (student...graduate student Texas A&M)
Maxwell Gregoirc (student...graduate student University of Arizona)
Alex Golovin(graduate student...)
Joshua Beck (REU summer 2009)
Stephanie Gilbert (graduated 2007, graduate student)
Chris Corder (graduated 2007, graduate student SUNY Stony Brook)
Noah Weiss (graduated 2009)
Nate Chandler Smith (graduated 2006, researcher DIOCLES Laser Facility)
Tee Wei Lim (student...graduate student University of Arizona)
Ben Williams (student...student)
Jordan Francis (student..student)
Fei Peng (student...graduate student University of Arizona)
Ben Radcliff (student..student)
Howard Camp (student...graduate student at Kansas State University)
John Obrecht (REU student...graduate student at University of Colorado Boulder)
Zach Simmons (REU student...graduate student University of Washington Seattle)
Shanmagatarasu Pereniyan (student...industry)
Glen Gronniger (former graduate student, Ph.D. 2006, Honeywell)
Brett Barwick (former graduate student, Ph.D. 2007, CalTech postdoc)
Shawn Hilbert (former graduate student, Ph. D. 2009, Asst. Prof. Texas Lutheran College)
Adam Caprez (former graduate student, Ph. D. 2009 ,Research Computing Facility Lincoln)
Dan Freimund (graduate student, Ph.D 2003, post doc University of Maryland)
Steve Friedman (graduate student, Masters 2004, industry)
Kayvan Aflatooni (post doc, 1999, Assistant Professor Fort Hays State University)
Jin Wang (post doc, 2004, Assistant Professor)
Gao Hong (post doc, 2002, post doc University of Illinois Urbana Champaign)