Curriculum Vitae


Professeur de première classe 2013 June 15-July 15, University of Toulouse, France
Full Professor 2010-present, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
Visiting Professor 2005 Sept-Nov, University of Innsbruck
Associate Professor (with tenure) 2003-2010, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE
Assistant Professor 1999-2003, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

Professional Preparation

Research Associate 1998-1999, Atomic and Optical Interactions group, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Research Assistant Professor, Lecturer 1996-1998, Atomic physics group, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lise Meitner fellow 1994-1996, Institut für Experimental Physik, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Post-doctoral fellow 1991-1994, Quantum electronics group, SUNY at Stony Brook NY
Graduate Institution 1987-1991, Physics, Ph. D., Atomic physics group, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Undergraduate Institution 1983-1987, Physics, Masters, University of Leiden, The Netherlands


See full list on the Publications page.


Fellow of the American Physical Society, 2009, Citation: "For outstanding contributions to electron matter optics, in particular the measurements of the Kapitza-Dirac effect and elucidation of the Aharonov-Bohm effect."

Sigma XI, University of Nebraska Chapter, Outstanding Young Scientist Award, 2003

Certificate of Recognition for Contributions to Students, Teaching Council of the University of Nebraska, 2000, 2001, 2011, 2012, 2014

Collaborators and Other Affiliations

Collaborators: Leon Chen (UCSD), Mish Ivanov and Olga Smirnova (National Research Council, Ottawa, Canada), Anthony Starace (UNL), Tim Gay (UNL), David Pritchard (MIT), Alex Cronin (University of Arizona), Sy-Hwang Liou (UNL), Franz Hasselbach (University of Tubingen, Germany), Markus Arndt (University of Vienna, Austria), Ahmed Zewail (CalTech), Federico Capasso (Harvard).

Graduate and Postdoctoral Advisors: Henk Heideman (PhD advisor, University of Utrecht, Netherlands), Harold Metcalf (SUNY Stony Brook), Anton Zeilinger (University of Innsbruck/Vienna, Austria), Tim Gay (UNL), Herman Beijerinck (University of Eindhoven, Netherlands).

Advisees in Batelaan group During the Last 10 years: over 30 undergraduates, 15 graduates, 4 postdocs, 1 research assistant professor (Current groupsize 5 undergrads +4 grads+1 postdoc)
Graduate: Dan Freimund (PostDoc University of Maryland), Steve Friedman (Foam Omaha), Glen Gronniger (Military Industry engineer, Kansas City), Brett Barwick( PostDoc CalTech), Adam Caprez (Holland Computing Center), Shawn Hilbert (Texas Lutheran University), Scot McGregor (Post-Doc University of Toulouse), Amanda Fricke (University of Rochester), Huang Cheng-Wei (Post-doc University of Texas AMU), Roger Bach (Post-doc UNL), Alexei Golovin, Eric Jones (UNL), Maria Becker (UNL), Peter Beierle (UNL), Maaneli Derahkshani(UNL).
Postdoctoral: Kayvan Aflatooni (Asst. Prof, Fort Hays State University, Kansas), Gao Hong(PostDoc, Champaign-Urbana Illinois), Jin Wang (Asst. Prof. Chattanoga, NY), Research Assistant Professor (Pavel Lougovski).


"Optically pumped direct extraction electron spin filter" Patent No.: US 6,590,923 B1, Date: Jul.8, 2003.

Current Funding

  1. PI, NSF "Coherent Electron Control," 2013-2016, $380k
  2. NSF-EPSCoR Track II, Research Thrust 2: "Ultrafast Electron Control by Light in Nanostructures." 2014-2017, $6M, Part for PI $285k.

Previous Funding

  1. High School Summer Research in Physics, 2011-12, $8k
  2. PI, NSF "Coherent Electron Control," 2010-2013, $470k
  3. CoPI with Uiterwaal, NSF REU site "Lasers and Optics" 2010-2012, $190k
  4. PI, Nebraska Research Initiative, Temporal Lenses 2009-2011 $192k
  5. CoPI, NSF-MRI, Rubidium Spin Filter, 2008-2010, ~$300k
  6. PI, NSF "Coherent Electron Control", 2007-2010, $460k
  7. PI, NSF "Matter Optics with Intense Laser Light", 2004-2007, $420k
  8. CoPI, Dept. of Education, GAANN fellowship, 2006-2009 $300k
  9. PI, NSF, "Matter Optics with Intense Laser Light", 2001-2004, $330k
  10. PI, NSF-EPSCoR, "Wave nature and decoherence of large molecules", 2001, $20k
  11. CoPI, GAANN, Dept of Educ. 2006-2009, ~$100k/y
  12. CoPI, Nebr. Res. Initiative, "Quantum Information Technology", 2000-2002, $150k
  13. PI, DOD-EPSCoR, Matter Optics with Intense Laser Light, 2001-2004, $105k
  14. PI, Res. Corp., "The Kapitza-Dirac effect; a coherent matter-wave beam splitter", 1999, $35k
  15. Lise Meitner Fellowship, "Lasercooling in an atom-wire trap", 1995-1996, $30k

Professional Activities

Manager NSF-EPSCoR Track II, Research Thrust 2, 2014-2017
Executive Committee Member DAMOP 2011-13.
Organizer Harvard ITAMP Matter Optics 2010.
Local Organizer Committee DAMOP 2005,
Chair Laser Tutorial DAMOP 2005,
Panelist for NSF.
Reviewer for funding agencies: NSF, Swiss SF, Isreal Science Foundation, Research Corporation.
Reviewer for journals: Proc. Roy. Soc.: Math. Phys. Eng. Sc., Journal of Modern Optics, American Journal of Physics, Physics Letters A, Journal of Physics A, Journal of Physics B, Applied Physics Letters, Physical Review Letters, European Physics Letters, Physical Review A, Nature, Foundations of Physics, New. J. Phys, Ann. Der Phys.

Courses Taught

Elements of Physics (151),
Honors Topics (201H),
General Physics I (Classical Mechanics, 211, 211H),
General Physics II (electromagnetism, optics) (212, 212H),
General Physics III (Modern Physics) (213),
Experimental Physics I (441),
Experimental Physics II (442),
Experimental Physics III (443),
Quantum Mechanics (461/861),
Quantum Mechanics I (916),
Quantum Mechanics II (917),
Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (925)

Chaired Local Seminars

"General Relativity" Seminar 2014
Atomic Physics Seminar 1999, 2005
"Quantum Information" Seminar 2001
"What is Mass?" Seminar 2005

Departmental Service

Chair Undergraduate Advising, 2008-2011, 2013
Chair Undergraduate Scholarships, 2007-2011
Introduced and first use of Personal Response (Clicker) System at UNL (2000)
Served on Advisory, Admission, Space Committees.

Invited Talks while at UNL

61, Berry College, Phys. Dept. Georgia, Nov 2015
60. Tallahassee, FAMU seminar, Florida, Nov 2015
59. WoPHY, Lincoln, Sep 2015
58. Vienna, EMQM conference Oct 2015
57. Manhattan KS, colloquium, March 2015
56. Eindhoven, seminar, May 2015
55. Delft, seminar, May 2015
54. Vienna, QUPON conference May 2015
53. Los Alamos, lunch seminar, 2015
52. Stanford, conference, 2014
51. Topological Quantum Technology, Tokyo, Japan, 2014
50. Physics of Quantum Electronics, Utah Snowbird, 2014
49. University of Ulm, Germany, seminar, 2013
48. University of Toulouse, France. Two Lectures in summer of 2013
47. University of Kentucky. Physics Colloquium, 2013
46. Texas Lutheran University, Public Lecture, and Physics Seminar 2012
45. Institute for Advanced Study, Texas Austin, 2012
44. University of Texas Austin, Physics Colloquium, 2012
43. NIST, Gaithersburg, QIBEC seminar, 2012
42. University of Notre Dame, Physics Colloquium, 2011
41. New Frontiers in Quantum Foundations, Clemson University and Perimeter Institute, 2011
40. Licor, Lincoln NE, 2011
39. MIT, Department of Applied Mathematics Seminar, 2010
38. Harvard ITAMP, 2010
37. International workshop: "21st-Century directions in de Broglie-Bohm theory and beyond." Towler Institute, Vallico Sotto, Italy, 2010
36. University of Oregon, Physics Colloquium, 2010
35. BYU, Provo Utah, Physics Colloquium, 2009
34. OIST, Okinawa Workshop on Fundamental Physics, 2009
33. University of Nebraska Kearney, Physics Colloquium, 2009
33. ESF Workshop, University of Vienna, 2007
32. DAMOP Calgary, hot topics session, 2007
31. State University of New York at Stony Brook, "Aharonov-Bohm day at Stony Brook", mini conference talk, 2007
30. Society of Physics Students regional meeting, Fort Hays Kansas, 2006
29. Technische Universitat Innsbruck, Austria, Colloquium, 2005
28. University of Vienna, Austria, Seminar, 2005
27. University of Tubingen, Germany, Seminar, 2005
26. University of Kaisers Lautern, Germany, Seminar, 2005
25. Technische Universitat Innsbruck, Austria, Seminar, 2005
24. SPIE Optics and Electronics, Warsaw, Poland, 2005
23. University of St. Thomas, St. Paul Minnesota, Dept. of Physics, Colloquium, 2005
22. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Dept. of Physics, Seminar, 2004
21. National Research Council, Ottawa Canada, Lunch talk, 2004
20. Brigham Young University, Provo Utah, Dept. of Physics, Colloquium, 2004
19. University of Oklahoma, Norman Oklahoma, Dept. of Physics, Colloquium, 2003
18. University of Arizona, Tuscon Arizona, Dept. of Physics, Colloquium, 2003
17. University of Colorado, Fort Collins Colorado, Dept. of Physics, Colloquium, 2003
16. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska, Dept. of Chemistry, seminar 2003
15. Lincoln East High School, seminar 2003
14. ICPEAC Stockholm, 2003
13. Harvard, Joint Institute of Atomic Physics, Boston MA, Colloquium 2002
12. National Research Council, Ottawa Canada, Seminar 2002
11. City College of New York, New York NY, Dept. of Physics, Colloquium, 2002
10. Kansas State University, Manhattan Kansas, Dept.of Physics, Colloquium, 2002
9. University of Illinois, Normal-Bloomington, Dept. of Physics, Seminar, 2002
8. DAMOP Conference, late breaking news, 2002
7. Gordon Research Conference, Education and Quantum Mechanics, 2002
6. LPhys Conference, Laser Physics, Bratislava, 2002
5. ICAP International Conference on Atomic Physics, hot topics, 2002
4. Behlen Observatory, Public seminar, 2001
3. NIST Gaithersburg, Lunch Talk, 1999
2. AAPT, Fort Hayes State University, Fort Hays Kansas, 1999
1. ICPEAC Vienna 1998