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Cell Collective

With Cell Collective, users can construct and simulate complex biological models, then analyze the results to gain insights into biological systems. Since its inception in 2013, Cell Collective has evolved and expanded to provide a powerful platform for modeling and simulation. The Hub is building on the base technology of Cell Collective to create a highly sophisticated and dynamic model that can simulate the complex interactions of the immune system and provide insights into disease progression and treatment.

Build Models

Cell Collective is a powerful tool that simplifies the process of building complex biological models. It enables researchers, educators, and students to create accurate representations of biological processes without entering or modifying complex mathematical equations. Cell Collective is a platform for a wide range of applications with over 270 pre-made models and the ability to create custom models. It includes model options for metabolic networks, gene regulation, signal transduction, cell-cell interaction networks, food webs, and more.

Perform Simulations

Cell Collective's simulation capabilities allow users to visualize complex biological processes in real-time, under varying conditions. By running hundreds of simulations in minutes, users can explore how different factors impact biological systems.

Analyze Results

Cell Collective's analytics capabilities allow users to analyze the dynamics and responses of biological systems under different conditions. The software can perform system-wide analyses to predict and rank the effects of individual and combinations of components on the system. This feature enables users to predict and explore drug repurposing and combinatorial therapy opportunities. The software's ability to visualize and interpret complex biological data allows for efficient and effective analysis of large datasets.