Group Photos

Jiang recieved "Best Poster Award" at NPOD Annal Symposium, September 2016

Jiang presented our work at ISMB 2016, Orlando, Florida.

Group lunch, June 2016

Jiang recieved "Best Poster Award" at NPOD Annal Symposium, September 2015

TCGA data use certification

Data use certification from CGhub ( with UCSC slug), July 2015

   SBBI 2015 summer   Kevin and Kaiyue
SBBI in the summer of 2015  ( Kevin and Kaiyue's last day)

girl scout
Girl Scout summer coding camp ( "sitting with me"), June 2015

sbbi bbq   with dogs
At the BBQ party ( with our dogs), May 2015

Jiang presented our work at AACR Annual Meeting 2015, Pheladelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jiang recieved "Best Poster Award" at NGN Retreat, August 2014 ( three awardees; Jiang,  and Dr. Cui)                                        

NPOD First Annual Winter Student Recognition, 2015 (NPOD investigators; our posters)

Group at WIS
Group at Nebraska Women in Science Conference, Feb. 2015

Group at Bioinformatics summer workshop July 2014 (registration, lab and our celebration dinner)

BRAIDS group at Grace Hopper Conference, 2014 ( before departure and at conference with Maria Klawe)