Travel Grants

SNR GSA Travel Grants

The School of Natural Resources Graduate Student Association travel grant supports graduate students traveling to a conference to present their scholarly work OR for research-related travel.  Up to four grants (2 per semester) are awarded each school year. The two travel grants offered each semester will be awarded to one Masters student and one Doctoral student (if too few applications are received, both may go to one or the other). The grant can be used for registration, transportation, lodging, and/or meals.  Each travel grant will be for $250. For more information and to apply, see this info sheet and application form

Application Deadlines:


For travel during:

Application due:

Notification by:

Reimbursement form due:


January 1–June 30

October 15

November 15

Within 30 days of the last day of travel


July 1–December 30

April 15

May 15

Within 30 days of the last day of travel

 If you are awarded the SNR GSA Travel Grant, you must submit a pre-travel authorization to the SNR NRBC before going to the conference, and an expense reimbursement form (with receipts) upon returning. All applicable University rules regarding travel must be followed. Forms can be found here

Additional funding outside SNR GSA: 

Doctoral Graduate Student Conference Travel Grant Application

This grant provides funds to assist eligible PhD students traveling to give presentations at regional, national, and international scientific or professional meetings to defray lodging, travel, and related expenses. There is no application deadline. However, to be considered for funding, it is critical to submit your application as soon as you are aware of the possibility for travel. For travel from January 1 – June 30, submit your application by December 15. For travel from July 1 – December 31, submit your application form by June 15. 

The application form must be completed and signed by both the applicant and advisor. Please review the application for eligibility requirements and grant disbursement. If you have any questions contact Patty Swanson.

Wildwood Trust Scholarship

The graduate student must be advised by one of SNR’s Applied Ecology Faculty. Up to $500 is available for travel to present research at a professional meeting. They may receive one travel award during their graduate program. Please send David Wedin a cover letter requesting the funding, a copy of your title and abstract (please indicate if it is accepted), and a very brief budget showing total costs and what is covered by Wildwood.

Larrick-Whitmore Graduate Student Travel Grants

Funds are awarded thrice yearly in May, September, and January. In accordance with the donor’s instructions, the Whitmore funds will support graduate student travel to professional society meetings in the fields of Animal Science, Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication and Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences, and the Larrick funds will support all other fields related to agricultural research.

Grants under this program are limited to a maximum award of $500 and students may only receive one award per degree program (M.S. and Ph.D.). The funds received can be applied to travel related expenses including registration fees, transportation charges not to exceed coach class airfare, lodging, meals, etc. Deadlines for submitting applications can be found on their website.


Irvin A. and Agnes E. Nelson Memorial Fellowship

It is the desire of the Donors that the assistance provided by this fund shall be used by the recipient for travel expenses in attending a professional meeting for the purpose of presenting research results or otherwise developing professionally. However, if this is not possible, the assistance may be used for other purposes related to the research or the student’s training or professional development.

1) Students must be enrolled in CASNR.
2) Students must have graduate class standing.
3) Research: natural resource conservation including, but not limited to soil, water, and wildlife (especially birds).
4) Academic achievement shall be a criterion in making this award.
5) Student shall be judged on the basis of their potential for future promise for contributing to natural resource conservation, as judged by characteristics such as integrity, dependability, and perseverance.

Student's should request that their advisors send nominations to the CASNR Dean’s office. Please send by e-mail or letter a short summary of the student's research presentation, information on the program they are attending and the costs of the trip. The amount of the fellowship will be based upon these costs, so be as accurate as possible as the award amound cannot be changed. The fellowship is available year-round.

Warren and Edith Day Dissertation Travel Award

Graduate Studies offer a travel award for advanced doctoral students. Students are only eligible if they have been admitted to Candidacy and who MUST travel to complete the research required for their dissertation. See the link for details and how to apply (rolling deadline but at least two weeks prior to travel).

Other travel grants

More travel grants may be available through the Graduate Studies page, through the conference itself, or sometimes through working groups that are part of the host organization. Be sure to check all your options.

 Travel Grant Winners

Fall 2017:
P. Citlally Jiminez 
Destini Pettit

Spring 2017:
Kelly Willemssens
Nadya Mirochnitchenko

Fall 2016:
Mazbahul Ahamad

Spring 2016:
Shannon Moncure
Ashley Alred

Fall 2015:
Becca Bevans
Mike Whitby

Spring 2015: 
Johnica Morrow
Kaycee Reynolds 

Fall 2014:
Katie McCollum
Yao Li

Spring 2014:
Karla Jarecke
Victoria Alapo

Fall 2013:
Katja Koehler-Cole  
Juliana Dai

Spring 2013:
Prabhakar Shrestha
Valerie Schopfer

Spring 2012:
Tarlan Razzaghi

Fall 2011:
Gabrielle Collins
Sonisa Sharma

Spring 2011:
Brittany Potter

Fall 2010:
Ingrid Barcello
Sharmistha Swain

Spring 2010:
Tyler Kohler
David Owens