Rural Health Cohort

The Rural Health Cohort is a five-year longitudinal study with 600 people who use drugs in the Great Plains. The RHC members will be enrolled through peer-based recruitment, starting with interviews with people who are introduced to the project by community partners who work with people who use drugs in the local area. From these initial interviews, peer-based recruitment will help grow and maintain the cohort over the five-year period of the study. One unique aspect of the RHC, is the periodic use of mobile technology developed by the LNC to collect “responsive” Ecological Momentary Assessment data (via the Open Dynamic Interaction Network cellphone software). ODIN provides a way to ask participants questions during the course of their day about their attitudes, and emotions, activities, locations, and relationships. With the help of our study participants, we will enhance our long-term understanding of substance use in the rural Midwest.

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