Project Leaders

Photo of Trey Andrews
Trey Andrews

Dr. Arthur (Trey) Andrews III Mediators of Violence Exposure and Substance Use (MoVES)

The MoVES Project is providing data on craving in understudied substances (cocaine, methamphetamine, and opioids) in the overlooked rural setting.

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Photo of Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith

Dr. Jeffrey Smith RISC: Capturing Rural Injection Risk Network Structures from Continuous-time Interaction Data

The RISC project aimed to understand the unique networks and structural risk factors associated with rural drug use in order to understand and lessen the potential for epidemics, even if current infection rates are low.

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Photo of Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson

Dr. Matthew Johnson CLASS: Cognitive, Large - And Small - Scale

The long-term goals of this project are to predict outcomes for people who use drugs (PWUD) and, in subsequent projects, to apply these techniques to the development of new interventions and the study of other conditions.

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Photo of Gurudutt Pendyala
Gurudutt Pendyala

Dr. Gurudutt PendyalaTEAMS: Testing the Efficacy of Ibudilast to Attenuate Meth-Seeking and Associated Synaptic Inflammation at the Synapse

The TEAMS Project advances a critical need for additional research to investigate the value of ibudilast as a possible treatment drug for methamphetamine use.

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Pilot Projects

Photo of Robin Gauthier
Robin Gauthier

Dr. Robin GauthierInterpersonal Conflict and Drug Use in the Great Plains

This project aims to create a dynamic multi-level network model that utilizes relationship characteristics and contextual factors to better understand the interpersonal context of rural drug use.

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