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Kimberly Tyler

Kimberly TylerCo-Director

Dr. Kimberly Tyler is the Willa Cather Professor of Sociology at UNL. She serves as co-Director for cohort development at LNC. Dr. Tyler has a Ph.D. in sociology with long term research interest in substance use, rural populations, hard-to-sample populations (e.g., homeless and street youth and young adults), and HIV risk behavior (i.e., sexual and drug use). Over the last deace, Dr. Tyler has successfully carried out three cohort-based NIH projects on hard to reach populations in the Great Plains region. Her primary responsibilities as LNC co-Director are to consult with Project Leaders, mentors, and the RDAR leadership team on the development, tracking, and retention of the RDAR Health Cohort andidnetifying new collaborative researchers across the Nebraska system and in the Central Plains region (such as Boystown Hospital, Creighton Medical School, the Veterans Administration Hospital of Western Iowa and Nebraska, and universities in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and the Great Plains).

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Patrick Habecker

Patrick HabeckerCo-Director

Dr. Habecker is a Research Assistant Professor with the RDAR center and is the Co-Director of the Longitudinal Networks Center. His current work is focused on substance use in Nebraska. Specifically on use, access, stigma, harm reduction, and public policy. He has training in survey research and methodology, experience with training recruiters and interviewers in peer-referral projects, programming and utilizing remote survey software, developing and managing Respondent Driven Sampling techniques, and working with network data.

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