User Group roundup and changes to editor coming Tuesday April 17

screenshot of new editor

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All those buttons

We're cleaning up the editing buttons (bold/italic/add link/etc) you see when you edit a page.  The most used buttons are now in the top row with a toggle button that will show the rest of the editing interface - the lesser used tools.

Switching to HTML editing

There has been confusion about how to switch from WYSIWYG mode to HTML code mode.  We are removing the HTML button (it is hard to edit code in a small pop-up window) and removing the "Disable rich-text" link (what does that mean anyway?) in favor of the Editor select box with two choices:

  • WYSIWYG (the no-code editor with the buttons that attempts to display the page as it is on the live site)
  • HTML (displays the raw code)

Technical Feedback Form

Our development team's feedback link that currently is housed at the bottom of pages under the Your Feedback heading is being moved to an icon in the black administration toolbar.  This allows the link to be on every page, including back-end pages, not just UNL templated pages.  This is the best way to provide feedback to us as it automatically captures which browser you are using and what page you are on.

See Changes Now on Staging

View  your test/experimental sites to see the changes.  Any questions or concerns, use the technical feedback form.

HTML Cleanup

As mentioned at the UNLcms user's group, a setting on Configuration->UNL will also be available Tuesday that will "tidy" your code when you save pages.  It properly indents everything and will close open tags and fix other errors.  This is not being yet turned on system wide, because while I have had success using it, it needs further use "in the wild".  The one caveat is it will strip any <style></style> blocks of CSS as it is not valid to include those in the body of a page.  CSS can be added under the Appearance menu item.

Note about Internet Explorer

As a reminder, Internet Explorer version 7 and above as well as the current versions of the other major browsers are supported by the WDN's UNL templates for the public side of your site that your users visit.  However, due to resources, for the backend administration side of UNLcms (particularly the WYSIWYG editor) we can't make any promises that it will work flawlessly in Internet Explorer.  We recommend using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to edit your pages.