UNLcms updates made August 22

Here's a quick rundown of the changes that were put into production on Wednesday:

  • Speed improvement when logged in: We cache page output when a visitor views pages in the CMS so that they don't have to be assembled on every request which can be slow.  However when site editors are logged in, SSL encryption is in effect and caching pages is not possible.  (Also, when you are editing you are making changes and producing brand new pages anyway.)  However we were making multiple requests for a logged in user's UNL directory information which we isolated as being slow.  This is what has been improved as we now make a single request and save it.
  • New Meta Tags module:  By request there is a new module ("Meta tags") that can be enabled that allows you to add meta description tags to pages and/or edit the title tag pattern for SEO purposes.
  • Bug fix:  There was an integration issue with Book Pages and the Workbench Moderation module which is fixed.
  • UNLcms administration improvements: On our side we made some improvements related to the timely creation of new sites and addition/deletion of site aliases (i.e. something.unl.edu).