Previewing your site to the new 5.0 version of the UNLedu Framework


If you are a Site Admin you can preview your site in the latest development version of the 5.0 release of the UNLedu web framework and templates.

Doing these steps will only convert the theme for your user account (end-users will still see the site as it is now) and you can switch back and forth any time.

  1. Login
  2. Click your name in the upper-right part of the page in the black admin toolbar
  3. Click the EDIT tab on the right
  5. Choose UNLedu 5.0
  6. Save at the bottom and go look at your home page

To switch back replace step (5) above with don't switch the theme.

Previewing your site does not make it live, there are a few more steps to follow. Before switching your site live, you’ll need to copy over your old theme's settings as instructed in the Todo for you sections below. Once you’ve completed all the applicable Todo for you items and everything looks as expected, you'll be ready to complete the "Going live with the new theme” steps, after Jan 3, 2019, to switch your site live. 

Note: Each Site Admin will need to enable the preview individually in order to view the latest 5.0 development version of the site. All of the Todo items below will only need to be done once by one person per site.

Todo for you: Copy custom CSS, JavaScript, and other theme settings

Your custom theme settings (things set under the Appearance link) will need to be copied over. This is a one time transition that only one Site Admin needs to do once on your site:

  • Go to Appearance in the black toolbar and click on the Settings link next to the "UNLedu 4.1" theme.  Copy and paste the CSS, Javascript, Head HTML, and Intermediate breadcrumbs sections from the UNLedu 4.1 tab to the UNLedu 5.0 tab. (Copy and paste everything from to

Todo for you: Create new local footer blocks

Coming soon.

After Jan 3, 2019: Going live with the new theme

The Appearance link in the administrator toolbar is where you set the new theme as your production theme. Until you are ready to switch, the first theme listed on this screen should remain UNLedu 4.1 (default theme).

After January 3, 2019 -- once you are ready to switch your site to 5.0 for the general public, click "Set default" under UNLedu 5.0


The new theme is a work in progress for the next month but we welcome feedback. If you see a problem with your site in the new theme and would like to let us know, join us in the WDN chat room.