New module: UNL Access

Screenshot of a page being edited on the U N L c m s system with the U N L Access tab visible

Need to restrict a page to only students, faculty, or just anyone with a UNL login?  Use the UNL Access module!

  1. Turn on the UNL Access module
  2. When the page refreshes you will see a message that says, "The content access permissions need to be rebuilt." Click the Rebuild permissions link.
  3. Now when you edit a page you will have an option to restrict access based on affiliation of a logged in user to UNL.

In the attached screenshot you can see that this sample page now requires a user to be logged in to view.  To leave a page open to the public leave all the boxes unchecked.

Note that this is to restrict viewing access of the published webpage. Restricting editing access of sections of your site requires the Workbench Access module.