Site editing will be temporarily unavailable starting Friday Aug 2 at 6:00 pm

The Dell environment currently hosting the UNLcms project is being discontinued.  We will be migrating the service to a new hosting service on Friday August 2, 2013 starting at 6:00 pm through Saturday at 6:00 pm.

Your site will remain online and will continue to be available to the general public throughout the move. However, we will be temporarily disabling your ability to login and edit your site starting at 6:00 pm on Friday, August 2, 2013 through 6:00 pm Saturday. This is necessary so that edits are not lost while the data and files are being transferred. A notice will be sent out on Saturday August 3rd when editing access is restored.
For a list of your websites that will be affected, visit (login required).
For questions, contact Eric Rasmussen at

Caching issues on sites

We are experiencing an issue on sites that begin with '' in which sometimes the wrong page is returned at some URLs.

A stop-gap solution if you are experiencing the problem on your site is to go to admin/config/development/performance (as in and click the "Purge varnish cache" button. We will investigate a permanent solution.

Note that if your site is located at an address such as we don't believe you are affected.

CSS and Javascript now being aggregated and compressed

The Drupal system has a lot of CSS and Javascript files. Each module typically has one or more of each, so Webform has a couple, Book has a couple, etc.  In addition there is UNL theme CSS and the CSS and Javascript you add under the toolbar's Appearance link.

Aggregating (combining multiple files into one) and compressing (removing extra whitespace) makes the total payload smaller and means fewer files have to be transfered from the server to the user when a page is loaded.

What does this look like? For CSS, instead of this in the source:

Updates made November 16

  • Feeds module added and made available.  Allows more customization than the basic Aggregator module. See the Feeds module guide page for a sample walkthrough of setting it up.
  • Site Admin now have access to a Purge Varnish button on that allows clearing of the Varnish performance cache at the individual site level. This is useful as a backup step to clear any page caching issues that might occur when using things such as include statements.
  • An issue was solved related to automatic cache clearing on sites that begin with
  • Additional tokens are available in the webform module to include field keys in the email. (safe_key and email_safe_key)
  • Additional back-end bug fixes and improvements.

Hosting Changes Oct. 14

On Sunday, Oct. 14, UNLcms was migrated to a new server infrastructure. As always, we are committed to providing you, the UNLcms user, a service that is fast, reliable and feature-rich. UNLcms is supported by the Information Services Help Center, 472-3970.

UNLcms updates made August 22

Here's a quick rundown of the changes that were put into production on Wednesday:

Including one page within another

To include one page within another we use a syntax similar to what was used with Dreamweaver on Frontier:

<!--#include virtual="some/path"-->

Make sure you are in HTML mode (have the "Editor" selector set to HTML) when pasting this in. This directive will include the contents of the page you've created on your site at in the spot you include this directive.

It also can be used to include a page from another site at a different domain:

<!--#include virtual=""-->

The results of the above code that references the inventory site is shown below:

File Upload Issue Resolved

At the June users group we discussed an issue where replacing an existing file was broken and the original version that should be overwritten was still the one being loaded.  This issue should now be resolved.  If you are still experiencing a problem, login to your site and send a comment through the form on the right side of the black toolbar.

User Group roundup and changes to editor coming Tuesday April 17

screenshot of new editor

All those buttons

We're cleaning up the editing buttons (bold/italic/add link/etc) you see when you edit a page.  The most used buttons are now in the top row with a toggle button that will show the rest of the editing interface - the lesser used tools.

Switching to HTML editing

There has been confusion about how to switch from WYSIWYG mode to HTML code mode.  We are removing the HTML button (it is hard to edit code in a small pop-up window) and removing the "Disable rich-text" link (what does that mean anyway?) in favor of the Editor select box with two choices: