Including one page within another

To include one page within another we use a syntax similar to what was used with Dreamweaver on Frontier:

<!--#include virtual="some/path"-->

Make sure you are in HTML mode (have the "Editor" selector set to HTML) when pasting this in. This directive will include the contents of the page you've created on your site at in the spot you include this directive.

It also can be used to include a page from another site at a different domain:

<!--#include virtual=""-->

The results of the above code that references the inventory site is shown below:

Hours: Wednesday from 8:30 - 1:00 unless otherwise posted.

Warehouse is located at 4825 Doris Bair Circle (approximately 1/4 mile north of 48th and Superior)

UNL Departments

  • UNL campus departments have the opportunity to purchase items for departmental use.
  • Items will only be tagged 'SOLD' and/or held for future pick-up when a departmental cost object number is provided.
  • Selected items will be billed to the cost object number specified by the department for any items purchased.  There is a 48 hour return period, after which billings will be processed.

UNL Inventory will provide items at a great value and at substantial discounts while providing departments savings comparable to buying new. 

Delivery provided by Moving Services for a charge.

If you have any questions, please contact John Lohmeier at 402-472-1187.