LINCOLN - Two weeks after UNL student journalist Katelyn Kerkhove profiled Sarah Pavan in Redwire, a College of Journalism and Mass Communications magazine, two amazing things happened:

First, Richard Deitsch of ranked Kerkhove's story, and a follow-up story by classmate Sam Erb, No. 5 in his Media Rankings column as the top media news for the month of February, four spots ahead of Texas Tech coach Bob Knight's retirement. The column can be found at:

The same morning the Sports Illustrated column gave the story the No. 5 ranking, more than 11,000 readers at the Lincoln Journal Star's Web site,, were simultaneously eyeballing the original story about Pavan. The most decorated female athlete in Nebraska history told Redwire she endured four years of painful relationships with envious teammates, a tense relationship with her volleyball coach and has spent more time crying than laughing in her storied Husker career.

Redwire is a student magazine published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Journalism and Mass Communications. The Pavan issue hit the stands at UNL Feb. 18. Redwire's second issue of the semester has a political focus, including Kerkhove's story about the struggles of conservative students in classes at UNL. A Redwire study reveals that in a state where Republicans outnumber Democrats 3 to 1, the opposite is true at UNL's City Campus - where among faculty Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to- 1. That issue hits newsstands March 10.

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