Veteran New York City journalist and author Trudy Lieberman joins #Unl_CoJMC to teach class in public affairs reporting

Trudy Lieberman, a contributing editor and blogger of the Columbia Journalism Review, is a guest lecturer in public affairs reporting this fall at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Lieberman writes about health care and income security issues.

Students at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln will look at the current discourse and journalism's role in covering today's controversial and complex issues — from the federal deficit to health care and climate change — to the parties that have a stake in the issue.

A journalist for 40 years, Lieberman will teach students how to analyze the positions of regulatory agencies, think tanks, public interest advocacy groups, lobbyists, businesses, and politicians to craft stories that connect with the public.

A graduate of the UNL journalism program, Lieberman was director of the health and medical reporting program at the Graduate School of Journalism, City University of New York. Lieberman, who had a long career at Consumer Reports, specialized in insurance, health care and health care financing. She was director of the Center for Consumer Health Choices at Consumers Union.

Lieberman has contributed to The Nation, a weekly opinion journal, and has written a column about health and the marketplace for the Los Angeles Times. She began her career as a consumer writer for the Detroit Free Press.

Lieberman is the author of five books including "Slanting the Story: the Forces That Shape the News." She is completing another book about health reform in America.

Trudy Lieberman
Trudy Lieberman