The Launch Into Cyberspace

J Notes

The publication in your hands, J Notes, is the forward patrol in our campaign to move the Journalism Alumni News into cyberspace.

Beginning now, the entire magazine - full of news about our alumni, our students and faculty, our college and its programs - will be available in a "flip book" at This new delivery method will enable us to continue to provide you with comprehensive news about your college and save some serious money in tight financial times.

Over the years, our alumni database has grown, and our magazines have gotten bigger. The result has been bigger printing bills and bigger mailing bills. The financial strain has been building, and today, with budget cuts looming, we are taking the leap into cyberspace.

Twice a year, you will receive a "mini magazine" like this one. It will feature one complete story from the main magazine along with summaries of several others, a calendar of college events and information about what you'll find in the online magazine.

Once you receive the mini magazine, you will be able to go to the Web site and read the full magazine in pdf format. It will have all the features of a print publication - except for the paper.

Our goal is to continue to provide you with news about your college and your fellow graduates, thought-provoking pieces about media issues and a way to stay in touch. The mini magazines will be mailed to give you a preview of the online edition and to remind you to go to the Web site and read what we have to offer.

We know it's not the same as holding that 72- or 84-page magazine in your hands. But we also know our alumni are among the most Internet savvy Americans, and we are confident you will make the change to a new medium without missing out on any of the news about the J school.

Welcome to the new format! And welcome back to your J Alumni News!