The Courage in Education project wins awards

"Courage in Education," a publication by CoJMC students and faculty for the College of Education and Human Sciences, won three MarCom Creative awards: the highest award, a Platinum, for "Magazine from an Educational Institution"; a Gold for "Magazine Design"; and an Honorable Mention for "Promotional Campaign" (website, direct mail, event and magazine).

The Courage in Education team was led by Advertising major Courtney Rodgers, under the supervision of Amy Struthers. The magazine was designed by Advertising major Heather Cannon with photos by Nick Berry, under supervision of Marilyn Hahn. A team of reporters supervised by Charlyne Berens included Caitlin Bals, Metta Cederdahl, Tiffany Lee, and Mark Mahoney.

"Courage in Education" is an on-going collaboration with the College of Education and Human Services to promote the Christa McAuliffe Prize for Courage and Excellence in Education, a recognition for a Nebraska teacher awarded each year to highlight the importance of courage as a significant quality in our educators. Dr. Gregg Wright of the Center on Children, Families and the Law established the prize following the death of astronaut Christa McAuliffe in the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle in 1986. Dr. Wright continues to be a passionate supporter of courageous Nebraska teachers and turned to CoJMC for help in raising awareness of the award to increase nominations, increase visibility of the event itself, and honor past winners for the 20th anniversary of the award.