CoJMC launches international depth report magazine and website

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications has launched a website titled, "Bolivia reborn." A 132-page magazine with the same title was released in August 2011.

The "Bolivia reborn" project was made possible by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

In spring 2010, journalism students and professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln researched Bolivia's relations with the U.S. and the social change in motion now that the Indigenous majority has achieved fair representation in politics. They traveled to Bolivia in June 2010 to report on the cultural and political evolution there. Student reporters spent the following four months to write the stories about a post-colonial country that is fighting to be recognized on the world stage, and how Indigenous Bolivians are reshaping, reinventing and refounding their nation for themselves, their children and their future.

The Bolivia depth report student reporters include Rachel Albin, Carrie Brauer, Patrick Breen , Elizabeth Gamez, Ellen Hirst, Brady Jones, Casey Mills, Marcus Scheer, Justin Swanson, Andrea Vasquez and Kate Veik . UNL professors Carla Kimbrough and Luis Peon-Casanova lead the project.

The College of Journalism and Mass Communications, a leader in international depth reporting, has done magazine, documentary and multimedia projects in Cuba, France, England, Germany, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, South Africa and Kazakhstan. Many of these projects have won national and international awards.

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