Pat Lehecka

Pat Lehecka receives Kudos Award from NU

  During her nearly 20 years as secretary in the broadcasting department, Pat Lehecka has – patiently and pleasantly – helped thousands of students and scores of faculty members.

  Lehecka was recognized recently for her faithful service to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the College of Journalism and Mass Communications when she received a University Kudos Award during the April 30 meeting of the NU Board of Regents. She has been on the staff at UNL for a total of 25 years.

  In his nominating proposal, Dr. Larry Walkin, chair of the broadcasting department, praised Lehecka for adjusting quickly to the raid changes in technology and federal regulations the broadcasting department has faced and for supporting departmental efforts to keep up with the changes.

  Walkin also pointed out that, although Lehecka receives the highest evaluations possible from the broadcasting department, she continues to strive for improvement, by attending professional workshops and seminars on the local and regional level.

  “Whether dealing with a representative of a network from New York City, a broadcaster or cable operator in Nebraska or a prospective freshman student, Pat Lehecka provides a wonderful image of a competent and caring university,” Walking said.