“KRNU Sessions” will change the local music scene, community

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September 19 — KRNU is launching a new local music series called “KRNU Sessions” beginning September 19. The move strengthens the station’s position as Lincoln’s new music alternative.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln operated radio station is offering local artists a chance to perform live while at the same giving listeners a chance to discover a new favorite artist.

Five bands will showcase their talents in a series of live sessions with the second show featuring the good men of Good Show Great Show Tuesday, September 25 from 5 to 6 p.m. “Whiskey Electric Folk” is the closest anyone has come to explaining the band's sound.

Communist Daughter debuted on September 19 from 3 to 4 p.m. The Minneapolis based band fits the station’s format and is new to the indie music scene. The bands are an essential part of KRNU’s efforts to broadcast new music to the Lincoln community.

“KRNU Sessions” will air on KRNU and on the web on KRNU 2. In 2009, the station added a second Web channel called KRNU 2, which airs a more eclectic mix of specialty shows and student-produced news and sports programs.

KRNU marketing director Lucas Miller said “Lincoln continues to expand as a destination for touring artists and KRNU is offering the bands a platform from which to promote themselves before their shows. Connecting the community to new music provides a valuable service that helps build support for new music and local businesses.

 “Our research shows listeners want variety, discovery and control over their music,” Miller said.  “They learn about new music from friends, other media and the Web and frequently participate in social media.”

 Rick Alloway, KRNU’s general manager and a broadcasting professor, agreed saying Arbitron, an agency that collects listener data on radio audiences, reports that 29 percent of all Americans ages 12+ listen to radio via the Internet.

These changes in how KRNU’s target audience consumes media led to the creation of KRNU’s second webstream, KRNU2.  In addition, the station has launched social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and its own Tumblr blog. Through its own media properties, KRNU is helping listeners explore new music and discover great local artists.

 The broadcast station and its companion Webcast, KRNU 2, have been transformed to accommodate more local music throughout the day, targeting the 18-to-24-year-old demographic. KRNU2 is not limited by geographic location and thus has the ability to reach any listener with a Web enabled device, including tablet PCs, mobile digital devices and smartphones.


KRNU includes 90.3 KRNU and KRNU 2.  KRNU is dedicated to bringing new music to its listeners and highlighting local artists. KRNU’s vision is of a bustling music scene that is supported by local businesses and embraced by the 18-to-24-year-olds and the community alike.

 Joe Teplitsky is the music director who helps identify which bands match KRNU’s indie music format. Working with national promoters, Teplitsky keeps music content on KRNU fresh. He also networks with the local music scene to get local artists on the air. Teplitsky establishes programming on the station to give equal rotation for bands while maintaining a standardized format.

Lucas Miller is the station’s marketing director who develops the brand of the station and promotes the station in the Lincoln market. Miller established underwriting packages for clients who support the station in exchange for promotion on campus. He also works with other community organizations to organize public service announcements to highlight important events happening in the community.


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