Orthography 2002

UNPS/UNL Orthography

Umóⁿhoⁿ Nation Public Schools and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln use an orthography similar to the orthographic style of Alice C. Fletcher and Francis La Fleshe in "The Omaha Tribe". Used by UNL Omaha Language class, fall 2002 through spring 2004

Syllables end with the vowel and the stress is marked with a non–spacing accent mark.

Letter Umóⁿhoⁿ example English examples notes
a skáwhite fatherdadíha, ithádi  
oⁿ óⁿba yawn, concise vowel, nasalized a; single sound without a distinct a or n
b biamá boy  
ch chéshka church un–aspirated ch
chʰ íchʰoⁿ church aspirated ch
d dúba dog  
e shé weight, Las Vegas vowel
g égoⁿ girl  
h huhú high  
i ní feet, radiant vowel
iⁿ wíⁿ mean, machine vowel, nasalized i; without a fully pronounced n
j júba judge  
k ké skate un–aspirated k
aí kettle aspirated k
m mí man  
n nú no  
óⁿ   aspirated n; disappearing from modern Omaha
o ho hold, go vowel; only found in modern Omaha
p pá spit un–aspirated p
óⁿoⁿ pit aspirated p
s sábe sun  
sh shé ship  
t té stop un–aspirated t
aí top aspirated t
th tháwa   not in English; ledh, a sound transitioning from l to th
u tú blue, loot vowel
uⁿ iⁿgthúⁿga spoon vowel, nasalized u; single sound without a distinct u or n
w waʡú wing  
x     sound not in English; should be marked as gh or x̌
gh ghe sagen in German soft or voiced version of x; should not be left marked as x
ti Bach in German harsh version of x; frequently left unmarked
y ya yes  
z zí zoo  
zh zhíⁿga beige, vision  
ʡ tʡé uhoh glottal stop; also writen as t?é

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