Umóⁿhoⁿ Nation Public Schools and the University of Nebraska – Lincoln use an orthography similar to the orthographic style of Alice C. Fletcher and Francis La Flesche in "The Omaha Tribe".

Syllables end with the vowel and the stress is marked with a non–spacing accent mark.

Umóⁿhoⁿ Orthography
SymbolUmóⁿhoⁿ examplenotes
◌◌  ččèshka Held long unaspirated consonant
◌ʰ◌ óⁿoⁿ Aspirated consonant (unicode 02B0)
◌̣ agé Muted consonant (unicode 0323)
◌̌ táti Harsh consonant (unicode 030C)
◌ⁿ◌ óⁿba Nasalized vowel (unicode 207F)
◌̀ wèduba Accented syllable, pitch falling (Grave, unicode 0300
◌́ tti Accented syllable, pitch rising (Acute, unicode 0301)
◌̂ tti Accented vowel in which the pitch rises and falls (Circumflex, unicode 0302)
◌̄ tti Accented syllable with a moderatly long vowel (Macron, unicode 0304)
◌ˀ◌ tˀé Glottal stop (unicode 02C0)  (possible captial tʡé)

The diacritic marks used here are IPA symbols in Unicode fonts.  You can download the font Charis SIL from