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discussing current and honest information about best integrating technologies into resilient strategies

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The realm of digital agriculture is ever evolving at a pace that can be challenging to keep up with. Our mission is to help navigate these technologies by discussing current and honest information about these technologies to best integrate them into resilient strategies. The "FarmBits" podcast will explore topics in digital agriculture in a well-rounded and accessible way, taking the shine off of new technologies through interviews with academic experts, farmers, and industry specialists.

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11/17/2022  |  Episode 84
Jackson Stansell, Founder and CEO, Sentinel Fertigation
In this Episode: Fertigation; Nitrogen Management; Irrigation Technology; Imagery Use; Research-Based; Digital Agriculture; Ag Startup
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11/10/2022  |  Episode 83
Courtney Arnall, CEO, NinjaAg,  Brian Arnall, Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor, NinjaAg
In this Episode: Ag Technology; Digital Ag; Fertigation; Fertility Management; Imagery; Precision Ag; UAVs; Imagery; NinjaAg
11/03/2022  |  Episode 82
Derek Heeren, Associate Professor and Irrigation Engineer
In this Episode: Digital Agriculture; Irrigation Management; Agriculture; Sustainability
10/27/2022  |  Episode 81
Yeyin Shi, Assistant Professor and Agricultural Information System Engineer, BSE-UNL
In this Episode: remote sensing; UAVs; satellite imagery; food; Agriculture; research; imagery; farmers; technology; drones
10/20/2022  |  Episode 64
Julie Bushell, President & Founder of Paige Wireless
10/20/2022  |  Episode 65
Chris Whited, Director of Business Development
In this Episode: Digital Agriculture; Soil; Sampling; Autonomous
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