Other Resources

Other Resources

General Background Information

Broadband Internet access provides connections to a wide set of informational resources.  To begin, you can click and learn from many introductory and general information websites. Here are a few good ones for a start.

Internet 101 – How the Internet works

New to the Internet? -- Here are the basics to being connected online

Email 101 - learn how email communications works
 A basic tutorial for searching the web
Internet for classrooms
Children’s Internet protection
Internet Connections for Education for the University of Nebraska – Kearney
Internet Education Resources

Facebook 101 - learn how to create, use and maintain a Facebook page

Twitter 101 - learn how to use the micro-blogging tool, Twitter
Goodwill Community Foundation
Extension Broadband Education & Adoption Team, Mississippi State University

Home And Learn, free computer classes for beginners

Learn My Way, a series of basic Internet usage courses

The basics of broadband video explains simply how high speed Internet works

Project Endeavor offers videos to detail a variety of technology related topics.  They offer a special advantage:  they feature sign language and offer captions for hearing impaired.

Library Connections & Information

Nebraska Libraries are working with national and state resources to expand access and education through their community locations.  They invite you to visit and learn — either at your local library or through these online connections.

Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities

The final report highlights the successful project, Library Broadband Builds Nebraska Communities

Nebraska Educational Media Association supports library media

Get Involved

Learn more and take action to bring broadband to your area.

Is broadband available?

Is broadband available?

Review the Nebraska Broadband Map

See what broadband services are available in your town or region in Nebraska. The data for the map was collected from broadband service providers, anchor institutions and residents of Nebraska.

View the Map
Is your community leveraging broadband?

Is your community leveraging broadband?

Review the Broadband Community Planning Workbook.

Learn how your community is currently utilizing broadband and identify ways in which broadband can enhance or develop opportunities. Click here to see if your community is ready to leverage broadband.

View the Workbook