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About the Conference

Broadband has become an indispensable tool for economic prosperity in Nebraska. But there is sometimes a disconnect between broadband providers and those that want and need the service. Those who need it may think it's not available, when in fact it is. Those who provide it may not realize the extent of the broadband demand that exists. Join fellow Nebraskans on May 24 at Nebraska Broadband TODAY! to learn about the availability of broadband services across the state, hear from entrepreneurs that use broadband extensively in their businesses, be exposed to the many job opportunities that the broadband industry has created and help inspire new and creative ways to leverage broadband technologies to foster community and economic growth.

The conference is convened by the Nebraska Telecommunications Association in collaboration with the Nebraska Broadband Initiative.

Solution Center

The SOLUTION CENTER will be open throughout the day to answer questions and provide information about broadband in Nebraska. The SOLUTION CENTER will be staffed by representatives of the Nebraska Telecommunications Association and the Nebraska Broadband Initiative