Community Conversation #4

Conversation Four - Action Plan

Create an action plan to move forward.


  • Continue the conversation
  • Move to action

See preparation materials included in the agenda for the first meeting.

Welcome and Introductions

  • Ice Breaker - Ask all community members to share what they hope to accomplish at this session
  • Review ground rules - Establishing grounds rules will help productively guide the conversations. Share the suggested ground rules and ask for others:
    • Assume good intentions
    • Listen to understand
    • Participate fully
    • Balance participation
    • Focus on solutions

    Review Highlights from the Third Meeting

    Ask that the leader from each characteristic provide an update on the short and long term goals. Also, ask if anything has changed or needs to be included since the last meeting.

    • Display collective flip charts from previous meetings around the room - i.e., what they liked about community, strengths, values and the expect/like/love
    • Ask for additional information that needs to be added to the flip charts
    • Distribute summary of previous sessions.

    Working Session - Moving to Action

    • Break into small groups around the characteristics that have been identified.
    • Confirm leadership and group members. Review the short and long term goals

    Ask small groups to consider the following questions:

    • What needs to be done first?
    • What and who are needed to succeed?
    • Have the highest priority items been identified?
    • How do you know you're successful

    Report back.

    Next move back into the small groups to work on action plans. Complete the action plan template

    Keeping the Momentum

    Conversation about keeping the momentum going

    • What is needed to track progress?
    • How do you keep everyone informed

    Share examples of how communities have kept momentum going

    What has happened since the conversations began?
    Review the expectations from the first session.
    Debrief with the Steering Team.