Benefits of ECAP

Benefits of ECAP

By engaging in ECAP, communities position themselves for success. Benefits identified by communities include:

I was new to the community when the ECAP process began, and I frankly can't imagine a better way to get to know a community in a hurry I feel a sense of connection to and investment that it might have taken me months or years to achieve without this process. Ashland participant New Resident
This process brought some of the same players who are always involved … also new people to the table. I see a new sense of excitement in those “old guard” people, the ones who are always involved. Their interest and involvement in the community seems to be renewed by the ECAP process. Local Newspaper Reporter
Creation of a shared vision for their community
Increased communication
Empowerment of the community to move to action

Examples of specific community outcomes have included:

Development of a young professional network
Development of an online site for business resources
Creation of a county-wide internet portal

Development of an economic development corporation