Augmented Reality Sandbox

AR Sandbox

Provides learning in geological sciences - study of watersheds, land structures

The setup utilizes a traditional sandbox that is retrofitted with a Kinect Sensor, a Linux computer, and a Projector. Learners mold the sand with their hands and the landscape in the sandbox comes to life. The Kinect Sensor in the AR sandbox monitors the sand structures and then sand is augmented in real-time with an elevation color map, topographic contour lines, and simulated water
The AR framework [] utilized in this project is called “Augmented Reality Sandbox” and it was developed at the University of California, Davis.

Our Research Goal

Our goal is to encourage interaction and engagements among youth of different age levels in a community and community partners, especially:
1. High school youth 
2. Middle school youth
3. Educators, teachers, and community leaders 
4. Community partners supporting the project


Image: Dagen
Dagen Valentine
Innovation & Entrepreneurship Educator
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
49 Filley Hall, Lincoln, NE 68583


Image: Ashu Guru
Ashu Guru
Assistant Professor
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583