College-wide Committees

College-wide Committees

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Members are listed below for the following CASNR councils and committees.

CASNR Faculty Advisory Council 2019-2020
Name Unit Term
Brad Lubben Ag Economics 2018-2020
Lindsay Hastings ALEC 2017-2019
Leah Sandall Agronomy & Horticulture 2017-2019
Lena Luck Animal Science 2018-2020
Jiri Adamec Biochemistry 2017-2019
David Mabie Biological Systems Engineering 2017-2019
Lance Meinke Entomology 2017-2019
Andreia Bianchini Huebner, Chair Food Science & Technology 2018-2020
Rich Wilson Plant Pathology 2017-2019
Mike Hayes School of Natural Resources 2018-2020
John Kammermann School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences 2017-2019
Reka Howard Statistics 2017-2019

The Teaching and Learning Improvement Council fosters an environment of teaching excellence and professional development among the faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.

CASNR Teaching and Learning Improvement Council 2019-2020
Name Unit Term
Kate Brooks Agricultural Economics 2019-2022
Tom Burkey VMBS/ASCI 2019-2022
Mike Hayes SNR 2019-2022
Jennifer Melander Keshwani, Chair Biological Systems Engineering 2015-2019
Karin van Dijk Biochemistry 2015-2019
Gina Matkin, Vice Chair ALEC 2017-2020
Santosh Pitla Biological Systems Engineering 2017-2020
Eric Knoll ALEC 2017-2020
Brian Waters Agronomy and Horticulture 2017-2020
Erin Blankenship and Betty Walter-Shea Ex-Officio Members

View the CASNR Curriculum Committee's archived curriculum action summaries.

CASNR Curriculum Committee 2019-2020
Name Unit Term
Kathleen Anderson Animal Science 2018-2020
Troy Anderson Entomology 2018-2020
Erin Blankenship CASNR Dean's Office Representative
Bruce Brodersen School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 2018-2020
Jennifer Clarke Graduate Council Representative 2016-2020
Christian Elowsky Agronomy and Horticulture 2018-2020
Karen Jackson CASNR Dean's Office Representative
Kaustav Majumder Food Science and Technology 2019-2021
Fabio Mattos Agricultural Economics 2017-2019
L.J. McElravy Ag Leadership Ed. & Comm. 2017-2019
Agustin Olivo Student Representative 2019-2020
Rick Stowell Biological Systems Engineering 2017-2019
Drew Tyre School of Natural Resources (Chair) 2017-2019
Zhang Jing Biochemistry 2019-2021
Gary Yuen Plant Pathology 2017-2019
Dann Husmann Center for Grassland Studies
Graduate Committee for Master of Applied Science Degree Program
Faculty Department/Program
Betty Walter-Shea CASNR Dean's Office/MAS Graduate Chair
Dan Cotton MAS Graduate Chair January 2014
Stephen Danielson Entomology
Robert Hutkins Food Science
Brett White Animal Science
Kim Todd Agronomy
Lloyd Bell ALEC
Connie Reimer-Hild Agricultural Economics
Daniella Mattos Community Development (semi-separate component)
Dave Gosselin Science for Educators (semi-separate component)
Cory Forbes Science for Educators (semi-separate component)
CASNR Scholarship Committee Members
CASNR Associate Deans
Chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee