A Tale of Audio Generated Strange Attractors

Abraham Schaecher | 05/06/2021

This piece is a performance artwork that explores the simulation and relationship between audio, visuals, computation, and mathematics involving strange attractors.
Photo of a Colorful Strange Attractor


This piece is a 4 minute performance/simulation that is simulating the behavior between audio and the strange attractors from the song "Cant Pretend" by Tom Odell.

I wanted to explore the possibilities of blending mathematics and the digital arts and one of my first ideas that came to mind was to incorporate the use of strange attractors to a visually generated piece from audio.

The three attractors I used in this piece was inspired from the Lorenz System, the Rössler attractor, and Thomas' cyclically symmetric attractor. Each attractor in the sketch showcases the evolving visual behavior from the audio and the choreographed movement from the piece.

This work is my final project for Computation and Media Studio II.

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