Mystical Fantasy

Marley Hewitt Sophia Stueven | 05/12/2023

Mystical Fantasy is a virtual production film created by Marley Hewitt and Sophia Stueven starring Kylie Muller. This project was created with virtual production technologies such as nDisplay workflow in Unreal Engine, Livelink trackers, and LED screen mirroring. Mystical Fantasy tells a story of a girl with strange powers which end up attracting chaos. The idea of this story started with a cottage core to dark fantasy storyline, which extrapolated into the narrative of the girl who grows flowers. This project explores themes of self-destruction, rebirth, and addiction.


An ode to old Disney films, the creators wanted the effects to be simple yet clear to invoke imagination in the viewer. This project was made in the Virtual Production Class taught by Jesse Fleming and Shane Bolan.

Produced at the Johnny Carson School of Theatre and Film.

Cinematic Arts
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