Ebben Blake | 05/06/2022

In the modern-day, anywhere one goes: social media, the web, social events, news, the sidewalk, one is most likely to hear that war is taking place, the earth is dying, or one does not have a claim to their own body, that one can't just live but has to live to work, that one can not bear the day, one has to be authentic but never the realist form.
The world can be a dark and lonely place; as creatures meant to have community, we often find ourselves in this dark void leaving them to their thoughts. Figures within the experience hardened by the outside world represent the notion that we easily abuse and abandon: the mind, the heart, and the soul. The lack of help and grounding is a rabbit hole that leads to darker thoughts and emotions, dimming the core parts of ourselves. Everyone has an inner light that needs to be touched, no matter how cold one might appear or how dark the present world is.
Surround yourself in the physical space with these statues, serving as reminders for those around you to touch them to see their small and forgotten glow and hear them a ring.


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