Reid Brockmeier Hank Ball Lincoln Graham | 05/11/2023

Fractured is a Virtual Production short film that explores the process of re-experiencing memories in an incomplete state. We follow the main character, Jo, a neurotic young adult, as he navigates through the spaces of his childhood and some trauma associated with it. The story begins with Joe waking up in an empty bedroom and discovering that it connects to an endless hallway. Within this hallway are many doors that open up to various worlds from his past. As he progresses, he encounters family conflicts that have had a significant impact on who he has become. This tells a story of reflecting on one’s past and also coping with the prospect of letting it go. Fractured makes use of a combination of mediums including traditional cinematography with memories brought to life in Unreal Engine and captured through Virtual Production and Motion Capture techniques.


Final Film:

Mood Board:

Fractured Mood Board

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