Sam Lawton | 05/06/2022

This prototype acts as a way to provide Mixed Reality Mirror Therapy for amputees. It's a speculative way to supply an alternative, virtual limb to an amputee, providing constant visual feedback that mirror therapy has proven alleviate phantom pain in missing limbs.


In amputees, Phantom Pain is described as pain that feels like it's coming from a body part that is no longer there. 
A common therapy for this phenomena is Mirror Therapy. This type of therapy tricks the brain into thinking their limb is still there through the visual feedback of their remaining limb's reflection.In some individuals, this technique can be extremely effective in diminishing or ceasing this pain altogether. 
Utilizing Microsoft's Hololens 2 combined with Unreal Engine, I designed an application that replicates this therapeutic method in augmented reality. 
The user can interact with the virtual objects overlaid onto their real-world environments, but only using the virtual limb, providing some utility to what was once was there.

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