Amalgam Empeiria

Trystan Nord | 05/06/2022

This piece is an experimental augmented reality sculpture that takes the experiences of everyone who sees it and adds them to the piece. A different journey every time, particle effects that follow the path of previous people surround the original sculpture. People can change what particle is spawned at different parts throughout their journey to reflect their mood and emotions as they experience the provocative images that make up the original sculpture as well as the other particles. I wanted to create a piece that is permanently changed by those who view it. Many times when we view art it is the goal to separate ourselves from the world and try to form a connection with the art. My goal for this piece was to instead reconnect the viewer with those around them by making them consider how other people have interacted with the piece and the emotions that it has brought up for them. It is a piece based on empathy, connection, and a shared experience.
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