Abstract Wonderland Experience (AWE)

Phillip Evans Abraham Schaecher Harry Strong | 05/06/2021

This is a collaborative project for Visual Expression that combines Augmented Reality and digital materials to let the user experience sensations such as awe, wonder, and fascination.


Statement of Purpose

As we are alive, we are defined by the emotions that we experience in life. Ranging from the basic emotions such as happiness, sadness, angry, concerned, etc. to the emotions that are indescribable in words. 

For this project in Visual Expression, we wanted to visually represent the unknown and the emotions related to it as well. We believe that everyone feels alive from emotions in some capacity and that while numerous examples of the common emotions listed above are quantifiable, the unknown is both a fearful and intriguing experience in our consciousness and senses. 

We used a variety of tools and ideas into this project including color, negative spaces, sound, and movement to showcase this concept.

We also used digital tools such as Adobe Fresco, Adobe Aero, and Adobe Photoshop to help bring this creative idea to life.


Phillip Evans- Visual and Conceptual Design  

Abraham Schaecher- Interaction and Visual Design 

Harry Strong- Audio, Video and Conceptual Design 

Video Demonstration:  Video Playthrough


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